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On April 5th, we've successfully reached 101% of our target with the help of 269 city enthusiasts, resulting in the first 300 journals to be sold. Hooray!

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With teams of enthusiastic city correspondents, we're here to create an understanding of the cities we love and live in. 

Citinerary creates daily online content on city life and culture from various cities, such as neighbourhood portraits, interviews with local heroes, reports on special events, trends and developments.

“We create or break perceptions. We’re here to observe, capture, show and share.”

Our first print journal – issue 1

From an online magazine to hosting local events, we decided it was time to launch our first print Journal, which we intend to produce twice a year.

The A City Made by People Journal Issue 1 will consist of five city chapters, each containing the best stories (both existing and never-before-seen content) from Amsterdam, Bucharest, Madrid, Minneapolis and Rotterdam. 

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