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Local Currency: Makkie

It's a lot easier when we're in this together and help each other out! Welcome to makkie (as in 'easy'), a collective local currency project in Amsterdam East.

Published by Sophie on 15/09/2013

In these times of economic crisis, losing jobs and facing insecurity on so many levels, more and more people have to live a bit on a budget. Shopping and splurging in fancy restaurants isn’t as much fun when you have to live on bread and peanut butter the rest of the month, right?
But there's not to worry … there’s a new cash-cow in town to spice up our lives and to spend money without having to be scared about checking your savings account.


Here, in the lovely Eastside of Amsterdam, they came up with an economic experiment introducing a local currency called “makkie”. The project was initiated by several local communities and the city council of Amsterdam East Side. By helping a neighbor, participating in local projects like cleaning up the streets or helping with school projects, you can earn ‘makkies’, which are actual self-produced banknotes.


On the website citizens post projects or jobs in which they could use a hand, and you can just ‘apply for the job’ and earn a few bucks. With your earned ‘makkies’ you can either get help from other people for your own projects (trading jobs), or you can actually spend them in local stores, get discount on tickets for a sundaymorning jazz concert, visit the circus for free, get tickets for the movies or just get discount at the supermarket.  How great is that?!




So actually, just by helping others in your own neighborhood you earn some extra money that you can spend on things you like. You get to know lots of new people, experience fun things and in a position to share your talents wisely.

I’d say that this could potentially be the perfect solution in the times we live.

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Want to discover more in the East Side of Amsterdam? Make sure to check out the website at www.inoost.metmik.nl.

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