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Hashtag Bucharest - part 2

As a tool for both getting to know the most iconic details of the city and its most hidden ones, Instagram is a great magnifying glass for Bucharest, even from a distance.

Published by Alexa on 23/09/2015

After selecting five of our favorite Bucharest-based Instagram accounts last year, we just had to resume the subject and select five more - and we’re already thinking about the next five!


Emanuel is a community-committed, optimistic instagrammer who’s always fun to be around during instameets. Besides his scenic pictures of Bucharest, he also started a personal hashtag, #viatza_la_tzara, on which he portrays details of the Romanian rural landscape.


Inside Botanical Garden

A photo posted by @yesmyfriend on


Morning walk in #Bucharest #MiculParis

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Want to fall in love with fascinating design details from the communist period? Here’s the profile that shows it. Ioana sees beauty and color in corners that often go unnoticed and gives them a positive vibe through the pictures she takes.


ring ring #comunistoptimist

A photo posted by Ioana Ichim (@ioanaichim) on


@mariuspr2: "iti dai seama ce petreceri faceau securistii cu radio-uri din astea in sufragerie?" #comunistoptimist

A photo posted by Ioana Ichim (@ioanaichim) on


The people of #streetdelivery2015

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Ileana is a food and product stylist that will not only make one crave for the yummy things in her pictures, but also determine to tap “Save as wallpaper” once in a few days.


Happy Birthday Dad ♡ | This delicious caramel letter should look like an 'O' from Ovidiu.

A photo posted by Ileana Sebe ☄ (@ileana_zwei) on


Mimosa pudica pattern.

A photo posted by Ileana Sebe ☄ (@ileana_zwei) on


Some of my little treasures. More "On memories" in @decatorevista.

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Cristi is one of the city’s most determined and informed advocates. Part of his endeavour, his Instagram profile constantly offers valuable architectural details from Bucharest’s identity, building one of the most representative portrays of the city.


The most common reaction to Oana’s photos? “Aww, that’s so cute!”. Even though she has been posting for only a few months, Oana has already built a collection of beautiful pictures.


Ohhh hellow there, sweet pie! #childrenoftheworld #letthekids #childhood #childrenphoto

A photo posted by Oana (@oannriz) on



A photo posted by Oana (@oannriz) on



A photo posted by Oana (@oannriz) on


Organic strawberries from my mum's garden

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A photo posted by Oana (@oannriz) on

I hope you enjoy our new list of Bucharest Instagrammers. And don't forget to follow @citinerary_bucharest on Instagram.

- Alexa -

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