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Backpacker Intern from Amsterdam

Amsterdam has lots of talented people working in the creative industry and some of them come up with such brilliant ideas that make them travel the globe. Such as Mark, a successful creative copywriter who has decided to quit his job, rent out his home and to kick-start one of his biggest adventures in life.

Published by Robin on 14/01/2014

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To be The Backpacker Intern. Traveling the globe for 6 months offering his creative talent and skills to companies, institutions and agencies in exchange for food and a place to stay. "I don't want to get paid.".

Isn't that just a great idea?

We met Mark for lunch last week where he told us that he saved some money over the last year, to afford all his traveling by plane through Asia, USA, back to Europe. At each stop he will be in touch with various companies to be working with them for a short amount of time.

He left last Monday and his first stop is Thailand, where he will be working at Amnesty International. Than off to Ad agency McCann Worldgroup in Bangkok. But although he just left, he has already received so much publicity.
We were shortly talking to Mark this morning and he received an overwhelming 50+ job offers worldwide (and a marriage proposal). Jaw-dropping!


Good thing: Mark will keep us posted here in Amsterdam by sharing his experiences with you on our Journal. Each month, he will tell us all about his endeavors abroad, the people he met and the companies he worked for.

Mark, we wish you the best time of your life and we can't wait to read your first travel report. Safe travels!

And if you read this and like to have Mark, backpacker intern from Amsterdam, working for you for a while, then get in touch:
His blog: http://thebackpackerintern.com/
And on Twitter: https://twitter.com/markvdheijden

- Robin - 

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