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Our story

How Citinerary came to be

How did this city become what it is today? How do people live and move around it? What drives its inhabitants and how do they contribute to their city?

How we started

We started Citinerary in 2012, realising that both citizens and visitors aren’t always aware of the core culture and lifestyle of a city.

We’re constantly taking things in, driven by the new and unknown, lived by events and pop-ups. Same goes for city trips that have become something of a one-night stand: where we get in, take our fill, and leave without looking back.

It’s almost inevitable that we miss out on the real beauty of what lies underneath, of what citizens create, the understanding of how we actually live in these cities.

In our book, a valuable experience is driven by social context; the people you meet along the way. The ones that give you a sense of acceptance, direction and belonging.

Capturing the city

With teams of enthusiastic city correspondents, we create daily content about culture and lifestyle from within our cities. Think of neighborhood portraits, interviews with local heroes, reports on special events, trends and development.

Everything from art, architecture, design, fashion, food, mobility, music, urban planning… there are too many to list.

Whether the stories are about passionate individuals or initiatives, our objective is to give you an overall understanding of the cities we love and live in.

We’re here to observe, capture, show and share.

Meet a local

With our network of citizens, we also organise meet-ups between travellers and our locals.

Visiting one of our cities? Sign-up for a meet-up, share a cup of coffee with one of our locals and get the most value from your stay.

We are a unified brand of global citizens

We like to be perceived as a connected, international network of passionate citizens that write, share stories and meet visitors. A knowledge exchange for a city and its people.

Each city is led by a captain, and our current roster of cities include Amsterdam, Bucharest, Minneapolis, Montreal, Oslo, Rotterdam... with more to soon follow.

Want to collaborate?


Are you a city enthusiast eager to see your city added to our network? We’re more than happy to have a chat – just get in touch.


Are you a maker, photographer, designer or film professional? We’re always in need of people to capture our cities.

Share your story

Are you someone who likes to share his or her story? We’d love to hear it.


Are you representing a municipality, company or institution that likes to co-create and partner? Let’s talk.

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